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Ziering advertisements banned for misleading before and after photos

The international hair transplant company Ziering has been found guilty in the United Kingdom of misleading advertising and showing fake before and after images of their patient’s.

In one of their television adverts they showed balding men talking about their hair transplants together with before and after images showing a remarkable transformation in appearance.

The men had apparently regained all their hair with the after images showing complete coverage of the head with incredibly thick hair.

However, an investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority discovered that the people shown in the before and after images were actually two different people.
Furthermore none of the people shown in the advert were real patients but actors.

The television advert finishes with a shot of many smiling men (supposed patients) all with full heads of hair. These were also all paid actors and not real patients.

The Advertising Standards Authority has now banned the advert and also said that Ziering had failed to provide evidence to show that their real patients could generally achieve results as good as those shown in the advert.

Source: The Daily Mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3202711/TV-advert-celebrity-hair-transplant-company-banned-misleadingly-showed-balding-men-transformed-having-heads-hair.html

Ziering Hair Transplant Ads Banned For Misleading Before/After Photos