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What makes a good hairline design?

In this article I discuss how to avoid creating an unnatural hairline.

One of the most important parts of performing a good hair transplant is creating a natural looking hairline. One of the errors most frequently committed by inexperienced surgeons is placing the hairs all in a perfectly straight line. This type of pattern is instantly detectable as a hair transplant due to its artificial appearance. In nature and especially on the human body there are never any perfectly straight lines.

When creating a hairline it is important to design micro-irregularities into the pattern. This takes the form of giving the front row of hairs a barely visible zig zag design. While not immediately noticeable to the eye, this micro-irregularity is seen unconsciously and perceived by the mind as a natural appearance.

The second most important part of creating the hairline is to achieve a correct angulation of the hairs. There are two factors at play here – first that the hairs match the natural hair direction of the patient and secondly that all the hairs are in the same direction. One hair should not be pointing more up or down or left or right than the hair next to it.

If hairs are not all pointing in the same direction it is usually due to one of two mistakes, either the surgeon did not take enough care when making the recipient site incisions or (more commonly) that the instrument used to make the incisions was too big. If the hole in which a follicle is placed is too big then the follicle can move around in the hole and end up in the wrong position. The answer to this is to use micro scalpels which are cut to the precise size of the follicle. When the correct scalpels are used which match the size of the follicle it is impossible for them to move in the recipient site.

Dr Griffiths

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