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The Dangers Of A Cheap Hair Transplant In Turkey

The Dangers of A Cheap Hair Transplant in Turkey

I reproduce here an email I received recently from a patient (with his permission). He didn't want me to post any photos which might reveal his identity but he did give me permission to post one photo showing how they have left the donor area on the back of his head.

"Dear Dr Griffiths,

Exactly a year ago I underwent a 1600 graft FUE procedure in Turkey to fill in a very high frontal hairline. The result was very bad. The new hairline is poorly drawn, one side is very thin on the front, and there is a gap between my natural hair and where the transplanted ones begin.

I am also concerned about the donor area. It appears overharvested. Do you think I'll ever be able to wear my hair short again without very noticeable harvesting marks?

I have been wearing my hair very long, to hide the procedure.

Basically I need someone who can repair it and take the care to assure an esthetic result....."

Unfortunately I had to inform this patient that his donor area had been severely damaged and overharvested. He will never be able to wear his hair very short again because the thin moth eaten appearance of the back of his head will be visible (see photo below).

Obviously, whilst not every clinic in Turkey or other countries abroad perform bad work, there are two obvious warning signals that you should look out for when assessing a clinic either in the UK or abroad -

1) extraordinarily low prices

2) they claim they can implant large numbers of follicles in just one day which most other clinics would require two or more days to perform.

Dr Griffiths

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