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Why Are Hair Transplants So Expensive?

Why Are Hair Transplants So Expensive?

One of the most frequent complaints about hair transplants is about the price. Many people often ask "Why is it so expensive?"

In answer, I say that it is important to distinguish the difference between something which costs a lot of money and something which is expensive.

As with all types of esthetic surgery, hair transplants do cost a lot of money. However compared to other types of cosmetic surgery, a hair transplant is not expensive. In fact it is very cheap!

Let's compare a hair transplant with breast augmentation, for example, which is probably the most popular esthetic surgery of all.

If a woman wants to get a breast augmentation with a good surgeon she will probably pay around £5000 or even more.

For that money she will be in the operating room for just one hour and the surgeon will have one nurse assisting and an anesthetist.

By contrast, most hair transplants will require the patient to be in the operating room for a whole day or even two days (depending on the size of the procedure). A hair transplant of one day's duration will also cost around £5000 in UK prices although here in Spain our prices are lower due to lower costs.

Usually there is no need for an anesthetist in hair transplantation since it is carried out under local anesthetic, but the surgeon will have a team of at least three nurses or hair transplant technicians assisting him.

Finally, because a breast augmentation takes so little time, the surgeon could operate on several people in a day. A hair transplant surgeon has to be with just one patient the entire day.

So when we make this comparison we can see that compared to similar esthetic surgeries, hair transplants are quite cheap.

The costs involved for the doctor or clinic are greater than for other types of esthetic surgery and the earnings for the surgeon are lower.

So what about all the low cost offers and discounts we can see advertised everywhere for all types of esthetic surgery, hair transplants and breast augmentation included?

There is an old saying - "no one gives something for nothing"

A potential patient should ask themselves how can certain doctors or clinics be providing the same service at half or a third the normal price?

I personally know of clinics which re-use instruments which are designed for single patient use.

I have also seen enough patients in my office seeking repair of badly done hair transplants to know that when it comes to your health, you can't afford cheap.