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Hair Transplant Abroad - FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant Abroad?

Many patients ask me if it is safe to have a hair transplant abroad. It may surprise UK patients to know that private health clinics abroad are often more tightly regulated than in the UK, and this is certainly true in Spain.

The recent events involving faulty breast implants in many private UK clinics and the subsequent slow response by the government to offer help to the women concerned (in contrast to the French and German governments abroad which immediately offered to cover the cost of removal) shows that unfortunately patients are not always safer in UK clinics.

I was trained at St. George's Hospital in London and I now choose to perform my FUE hair transplants abroad in Spain. I have personally made sure that the clinic where I perform my hair transplants meets the highest possible standards.

My Madrid clinic is a fully authorized health centre by the Madrid Regional Government, licence number CS8337 and is also accredited as a centre of esthetic medicine by the Madrid Official College of Doctors.

If you choose to have your FUE hair transplant abroad you can be assured you will be in the best environment possible. You can see the exact location and Google Map on my Locations page.

Given that the pound is getting stronger against the euro the economics of having your hair transplant abroad also make a lot of sense. While many patients in the past chose to travel to far flung countries in Asia or India, in order to reduce the cost of their hair transplant, this is no longer necessary.

Nowadays it is possible to have your hair transplant abroad performed by a UK trained doctor in a European country in modern fully regulated facilities, just two hours away by plane.

If you are considering having your hair transplant abroad please visit our prices page to compare our rates.

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Hair Transplant Abroad