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Hair Transplant Abroad - FUE Hair Transplant

Can you do anything else to reduce the possibility of visible scars after an FUE hair transplant?

In this article I reveal how to promote optimum recovery after your fue hair transplant.

As we discussed in a previous article the possibility of having visible small dot scars after an FUE hair transplant can be minimized by the use of the smallest possible punch (circular scalpel). But is there anything else that can be done to reduce the risk of visible scars even further?

As you know I am always working on ways to improve the process of the FUE technique and I am determined to give my patients every advance possible. While many hair transplant clinics send their patients home with no further care for the extraction sites at the back of the head I am now supplying my patients with a cream which contains a re-epithelialization agent.

This agent has been well documented to aid wound healing, reduce the inflammatory reaction and promote the production of type I collagen. In addition it helps to hydrate the area facilitating the migration of repair cells into the extraction sites and the regeneration of new skin.

At the recipient site there is usually no visible scarring at all as the recipient incisions are even smaller than the extraction sites. However it also advisable to keep this area moist to aid the healing process and promote the rapid growth of new tissue around the implanted follicle.

As it is impossible to apply any cream to the implanted follicles due to the risk of dislodging them, patients are supplied with a saline spray and directed to regularly spray the transplanted area.

Dr Griffiths

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