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Who Is The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?

Many people find choosing the right hair transplant surgeon can be confusing. Often patients ask who is the best hair transplant surgeon? What hair transplant clinic do you recommend?

Such an important decision which could affect your appearance in such a visible way requires careful thought. In this article I give you some often overlooked tips to think about when you are choosing who to trust for your surgery.

Who Is The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?
best hair transplant surgeon, doctor

1. Is your surgeon a specialist hair transplant surgeon? Or just a general plastic surgeon who one day might be doing a face lift, next day a breast implant and now and again a hair transplant? You’re much more likely to get better results from someone who specializes in hair transplants and is dedicated to this type of surgery than a general type cosmetic surgeon.

2. What type of hair transplant surgery does the surgeon do most? If you want an FUE procedure then likewise, it is better to go to someone who specializes in this type of surgery than someone who is also doing a lot of strip technique surgeries. The two methods are very different and just because a doctor has good results with the strip method doesn’t guarantee they will also have good results with FUE. Also, if you are shown before and after photos, make sure you ask what type of surgery the patient in the picture had, whether strip or FUE.

3. Make sure you speak to the actual surgeon! If you visit a clinic and you can’t talk to the actual doctor who will do your surgery then this is a bad sign. Chances are you are probably talking to a sales person (although they may have a title such as "patient coordinator") and they are probably more interested in your money than giving you an honest assessment of the type of result you can expect and the pros and cons of the surgery.

Even worse is if they can’t even tell you the name of the doctor who will actually operate on you! The clinic probably employs any doctor they can get when they have a patient.

4. If you want FUE what size "punch" (circular scalpel) does the doctor use to extract the follicles? In a previous article I talked about the excessively large scars that can be left on a patients’ head if the doctor is not very skilled and needs to use a large instrument to be able to extract the follicles. Not all surgeons who say they are doing FUE are actually doing true FUE. Real FUE requires a punch of less than 1mm to avoid excessive scarring. Ask your doctor what size instrument he is using, and if the answer is not "smaller than 1mm" then avoid that clinic.

5. The doctor should be interested in treating your hair loss and not just doing a surgery. Some patients don’t want to take medications for their hair loss, I understand that. But a good doctor will at least ask you and inform you of the different medical treatments available, these should form part of an overall treatment plan including the hair transplant.

6.  Is the doctor a member of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons)? This is the largest professional body in the World for surgeons who specialize in hair transplants and the most rigorous regarding the ongoing training they require of members to stay up to date.

7. Make sure that you are given full pre-operative and post-operative instructions in writing before the surgery (see our "Downloads" page in the menu above).

Finally, don’t rush into making a decision. Visit several doctors and compare the answers they give. The best guarantee of getting a good result is to choose someone with demonstrable experience and who you feel you can trust.

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