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Do Bald Men Earn Less? (Part 2)

Do bald men earn less? (Part 2)

.....people with more money may be more likely to have treated their hair loss by having a hair transplant. The success rate of hair transplants has improved dramatically with new techniques and although prices can range from 5000 euros to 20,000 euros this is easily affordable for a wealthy businessman.

So it is possible that some of the CEO’s who seemed to have full heads of hair in the photos studied by USA Today had actually had a hair transplant.

Finally, it is not all bad news for bald men in the workplace. Recent research conducted by Dr. Albert Mannes a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business has discovered that men who embrace baldness by shaving their heads, are seen as more masculine, confident, and dominant compared to those who keep their thinning hair longer.

His research also showed that in addition to being perceived as more masculine, confident, and dominant men with shaved heads were also perceived as being an inch taller and 13% stronger than men with hair.

So if you are losing your hair and don’t want to consider a hair transplant, then the best answer seems to be to simply shave your head completely.

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