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What is the Soft Touch Implant Method?

In this article you’ll discover our unique method to avoid the damage caused to your follicles by the implanting technique used in other clinics.

Human hair follicles are very delicate and must be handled with extreme care from the moment they are removed from the scalp until the moment they are re-implanted.
If not they can easily be damaged leading to poor growth and suboptimal results for the patient. There are two crucial stages at which there is potential for the follicles to die.

The first is the storage phase of the transplant. When the follicles are removed from the body they must be immediately transferred to a cooled saline solution in a petri dish. This prevents them from becoming dessicated and slows the cellular metabolism of the follicle allowing it to survive for longer outside the body (in exactly the same way that an organ such as a kidney or heart is stored on ice before being transplanted).

In my surgeries I also add the extra precaution of keeping the follicles at all times between layers of a special material which absorbs 10 times its own weight in water. This ensures the follicles are kept moist even when removed from the saline to be implanted. It also has the advantage that when the follicles need to be moved I can move them on the layer of material without having to touch the delicate follicles themselves with hard metal surgical instruments and exposing them to the risk of damage or crushing.

The second crucial stage is the implantation stage. In the traditional method used by most hair transplant surgeons the follicle is grasped near the bulb with a pair of forceps and then pushed into the recipient site. Regardless of how much care is taken to do this gently, the danger that the follicle will be crushed by the forceps or become bent as it is pushed into the hole cannot be eliminated.

Add the fact that this stage of the procedure is usually performed by technicians rather than by the doctor himself and it often becomes a recipe for disaster.

Other surgeons use so-called implanter pens, placing the follicle inside a needle type device and “injecting” the follicle into the skin. Again there is the danger that the follicle can be damaged as a certain level of pressure is necessary to operate the implanter pen.

Fortunately my colleague Dr Alexander Zeuke and myself have solved this problem with the development of our new implantation technique - the Zeuke Griffiths Soft Touch Implant Method. In this method no instrument comes anywhere near the delicate bulb part of the follicle. Instead the follicle is gently lowered into the recipient site by the safe end of the follicle where the hair exits the skin eliminating any danger of damage and optimizing the chance of subsequent good growth. We are currently the only two doctors using this technique worldwide.

Dr Peter Griffiths

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The Soft Touch Implant Method