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Hair Transplant Abroad - FUE Hair Transplant

Privacy Policy

By using the Dr Griffiths Web site at
http://www.fue-hair-transplants.com ("Dr Griffiths"), you consent to the collection and use of your personal information by Dr Griffiths, as described in this Privacy Policy.
We retain the right to change this policy at any time. Whenever we change our Privacy Policy, we will post those changes here so that you can remain aware of the information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we may disclose it. Your continued access to Dr Griffiths constitutes your acceptance of any changes or revisions to this Privacy Policy
In addition to reviewing this Privacy Policy, please read our User Agreement Your use of Dr Griffiths constitutes agreement to its terms and conditions as well.

Access Logs

Dr Griffiths gathers standard Web server logs in the combined log format, including your IP address, the date and time of your visit, the pages on our site that you visited, the time and date of access, "referer" information (the page whose link you clicked on to arrive here), and various information that your browser reports about itself.

We analyze this data to derive aggregate statistics to help us in developing the Web site and selling advertising. We archive our raw log files indefinitely.
With the exception of robot or crawler type behavior and certain business negotiations, discussed below, we do not reveal individual details of the log data outside the company.
However, we may use external third party log analysis providers, such as Site Meter and Google Analytics, to help us in analyzing our log data. To the best of our knowledge, such outside providers keep our data private.

Cookies are small files saved on your computer by your browser software at the request of Web sites.
Dr Griffiths's software development framework and ad serving software may set cookies on your computer to help track your online session for navigation purposes and to optimize delivery of advertising.
In addition, as explained in the next section, our advertising network partners, including Google AdSense, may be setting and reading your cookies. Also, our advertising partners, including Google AdSense, may be embedding web beacons (transparent 1-pixel-square images) in their advertisments on Dr Griffiths to collect information about your Web usage patterns for advertisement targetting purposes.
If you wish to limit the setting of cookies when you visit Dr Griffiths, you may check the options available in your Web browser's preferences panel.
Advertising Networks

Dr Griffiths embeds code in its pages to support its third party advertising network partners. Some of these partners may use cookies to track your movements from Web site to Web site in order to aid them in classifying you for improved advertising delivery.

To the best of our knowledge, our partners only use the information gained by such tracking in an impersonal and automated manner to help them deliver targeted advertising to you, without revealing your individual internet habits publicly or to their advertising clients. Google's "DoubleClick DART cookie" allows Google to display ads to internet users on one site based on targeting information inferred from the users previous visits to other sites.

Some advertising networks, including some of Dr Griffiths's partners, allow internet users to opt out of their tracking systems. Google has a special page describing how internet users can opt out of Google's advertising cookie system.


Dr Griffiths may conduct drawings to give products or services to users who enter and are chosen. In such cases, we usually require that you reveal your name or nickname and your location, and that you give a quote for Dr Griffiths to use for promotional purposes. We publicly reveal this information, but we will not reveal your e-mail address or mailing address.
In addition Dr Griffiths may pay a bounty in cash or kind to visitors who supply us information. In these cases we may likewise publicly disclose your name or nickname, your location, and a quote, but keep your e-mail and mailing addresses confidential.

Dr Griffiths maintains a mailing list of visitors who have requested that they receive our mailings. This list is currently maintained on our behalf by a third party mailing list management company that has pledged to maintain our subscribers' privacy.

Dr Griffiths will not lease this list to third parties. We may from time to time send advertising materials to our subscribers.

Other than the exceptions given in our User Agreement and robots.txt file (http://www.fue-hair-transplants/robots.txt), robot and crawler data collection, automated data collection, and systematic human data collection are prohibited.

If we detect this kind of activity by you, your IP address and any other data we have about you may be publicly disclosed, including in communications with your ISP and upstream providers, as well as in court filings such as complaints and discovery motions that may be publicly available.

Acquisition or Merger

If Dr Griffiths, were to merge with another company, or if a major portion of its business that includes all or part of the Dr Griffiths Web site were to be purchased by another company, all logs and other data relating to Dr Griffiths would also be transfered to the new entity. In such a case Dr Griffiths, will include provisions in any merger or purchase agreement that require the new entity to honor this Privacy Policy.
Dr Griffiths, may transfer its access logs to parties with whom it is engaged in serious merger or acquisition talks, for the purpose of analysis, and under an agreement that they maintain the privacy of the log data.

Contact information

If you have comments, questions, requests, or concerns, you may contact us using any of the methods listed on the Contact Dr Griffiths page.