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fue hair transplant online consultation

Online Consultation

You will need to send us by email some good quality photos of the front, top, sides and back of your head. Take the photos in a well lit area but don’t use the camera flash.

Please also tell us:

1. Exactly where you want more hair & your goals for the procedure.
2. Your age.
3. If you are taking any medication for hair loss e.g. minoxidil or finasteride.
4. If you have had any previous hair transplants or hair loss surgery.
5. Any other information you think is important.

Please send your replies and photos to:

Dr Griffiths will check your information personally and you'll receive a reply as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours.

For any other questions please either send us an email us or use the contact form below.

Please include your phone number in the comments box if you'd like us to call you. If calling from outside the UK please state your country.

Online Consultation

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