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Hair Transplant Abroad - FUE Hair Transplant

Dr Peter J Griffiths BA (Hons) MBBS MSc

Dr Griffiths qualified as a doctor from the University of London where he was a multi award winning graduate and winner of the prestigious St. George's Dermatology Prize. He also holds a Master's degree in Esthetic Medicine from the University of Cordoba in Spain.
He is registered in Spain with the Ilustre Colegio Oficial De Medicos De Madrid, registration number - 282867863 and also with the GMC in the United Kingdom, registration number 7040383.

As well as being the author of several books Dr Griffiths is now dedicated to the practice of advanced FUE hair transplants.

Dr Griffiths is a member of The Royal Society of Medicine the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

A Consultation With Dr Griffiths

To get the best possible advice and to allow Dr Griffiths to make a complete physical examination to assess your donor hair density, pattern of hair loss and head shape it is advisable to attend for an in person fue hair transplant consultation.

However for those patients who live far away an online consultation can be arranged which provides nearly as much information. Skype consultations can also be arranged by appointment.

In your consultation Dr Griffiths will work closely with you to understand your goals and exactly what you hope to achieve from your hair transplant. Dr Griffiths will use his expertise to help you design an artistic and natural design for your transplant, fully taking into account your wishes and personal preferences.

Your FUE Hair Transplant

Your hair transplant will be performed by Dr Griffiths personally using the minimally invasive FUE method which allows him to individually extract hair follicles one at a time.

The advantages of this technique are -

* Virtually pain free

* Carried out under local anesthetic with the patient fully awake and     interacting with the doctor

* No linear scar as with the older strip method

* No stitches

* Low risk of complications

* Very fast recovery with most patients being back to their normal lives within days

If you have any questions or want to get started straight away then just visit the Online Consultation page or call us on our UK number 0203 1500 322

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